What to eat to lower your stress and anxiety?

Bonjour, High Performers!

Florin C here.

I’m starting a new Sunday morning in front of my computer and my coffee. 5.30 AM. And with a lot of thoughts about stress and anxiety, because I really have the impression that I have more and more of my patients suffering from.

Following this idea, I was questioning myself about some aliments that could help you decrease the stress and anxiety and even better being more prepared to face it.

Like we know, our gut is the “second brain” having over 200 million neurons, which is the equivalent of a cat or dog brain. And it’s working and communicating at the same time with our brain!

The gut is taking part at emotions management and it’s a stress regulator.

The stress could be acute or chronical. This means that the acute one will be for a short period and chronically it’s there and it will rest for a long period.

Is the stress dangerous for our body? YES, you know it.

The acute stress increases the chances of a heart attack, and the chronic one will favorite the establishment of diabetes, diabetes or obesity.

The acute stress will cut your hungry but the chronic one will push you to snacking.

So, looking at this info, I was thinking, what contains a so called “anti-stress dish”?

What to eat to reduce your stress?

Proteins are the principal producers of amino acids (tryptophan and tyrosine)

Examples of aliments: White cheese like ricotta and cottage cheese or if you want to avoid animal products, you have the mix of rice and soy or chickpea and semolina.

Carbohydrates, the brain loooooooves the sugar, but not all ones! The quickly sugars like refined ones are favoring the mood swings, BUT the slow no refined sugars are those which are going to stabilize your mood. So, practically: AVOID sodas, sugar and all products by sugar and FAVORIZE whole wheat bread, the whole grains, legumes and dried vegetables.

Vitamins, we all have a special relation with vitamins. We are thinking about, talking about, but thinking mostly about vitamins in pills! Hehe, I’m joking (but it’s so true).

So vitamins that destroy your stress: B1, B6, B9, B12 -> favor the synthesis of neurotransmitters.

Examples: green leafy vegetables, dried vegetables (double effect on vitamins and carbohydrates!), seafood, and the liver (if you like it!)

Oils, yeah, it sounds crazy but yes, you’re going to fight your anxiety and stress with oil containing omega-3 like: mix of rapeseed–olive oil or rapeseed–nut. To go further, it’s showed to eat fat fish at least 3 times a week like mackerels or sardines.

Iron, what an essential element in a lot of energy gains!

So, took some iron to fight stress from the following aliments: the liver, red meat, lentils, white beans, almonds and nuts! For a better assimilation of iron, favor the consumption of fruits and vegetables. And notice that coffee and tea impeach the iron fixation.

Magnesium, great element! 

The stress increases your body cortisol production. The high cortisol quantity causes a urinary leakage of magnesium. The low levels of magnesium increase your vulnerability at stress. And look how it looks the vicious circle of stress!

So, go go go for magnesium in: almonds, nuts, hazelnut, and the mineral waters rich in magnesium!

And that’s it!

First, make you a list with what you like to eat above of these aliments that I specified in this article.

Go and buy them and make your mix of your pleasure.

Make it a couple of time every week.

I’m sure that you’ll feel some quick effects.

Share with us your eating habits and let’s go defeat the stress and anxiety! What are you already eating from all of these?


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