Wake up! Now it’s your time to succeed

We regularly hear that the notions of planning, projection, balance are necessities in order to build a brilliant future filled with success.

We recognize that staying the course is a healthy attitude to achieve sustainable goals.

In this perspective, any fluctuation is negative because it deviates from the pre-established framework. This metronome behavior, I understand it, and in various aspects, I also support it because it makes it possible to arrive at certain objectives.

The fundamental problem here is the control that avoids leaving the comfort zone.

Here, I am going to shake up the pre-established conventions: yes control, planning, framework are essential but from time to time, we have to take a monumental leap forward, this is only possible by leaving the comfort zone and by exposing ourselves to the harshness of existence.

Thus, risk taking, danger, hazard, and other notions become essential building blocks for your future success!

Everything worthwhile requires time, work, perseverance. This is the basic notion of all the reflection that will follow.

The second notion is that of “getting out of the comfort zone and taking risks.”

Anything worthwhile takes time, work, self-sacrifice, perseverance, courage, risk-taking!

All of this is necessary for your future success.

And you want it, you want to succeed!

At the same time, out of pure human ambivalence, you want to stay warm, rest, enjoy your comfort, not stress, not be in pain, etc.

This is all very well, but we need to move our heads and mentalities a bit!

Yes comfort is good, but when you relate that comfort and softness to passaging time, what does it reveal? Only that you enjoy now, to better complain later...

You want so many things; you idealize a way of life but you do nothing in line with your wishes and aspirations, maybe you don’t want it enough!

Staying warm, not taking risks, avoiding stress, anxiety, harshness…these are losing attitudes!

On the contrary, concepts with a strongly negative connotation are in fact extraordinarily effective accelerators of success for those who take the risk of rushing headlong towards their success.

The one who does not measure the potential risk, does not consider the boxes in which he is supposed to remain locked up, for the one who knows that time is running out and that “all that only lasts for a while” anyway!

An infinitely short time! Too short to be weighed down with futile concepts like fear.

It is also necessary to give back their values to these notions wrongly considered as “negative”: they are only so in the paradigms of certain people, considering the comfort zone as the fabric of a life.

In reality, it is not; the difficulty is: obstacle is the way!

The sooner you realize this, the better for you!

The risk pays because it is the total materialization of your deep conviction, of your propensity to believe in yourself and in your success.

Only take “the risk”, those who know this is the path to success.

Those who never speak in the conditional but are in affirmation of what they are accomplishing!

Stress and anxiety also have a major role in the evolution towards success and self-affirmation; Like fear, these are engines it is up to you to appropriate to make them tools for success.

The problem is not these concepts but the propensity you have to let yourself be overwhelmed by what they are supposed to represent for you.

In fact, it’s still limiting thinking and learned helplessness that cause this.

You learned that stress “paralyzes you”, you learned that “you get anxious, and it keeps you from succeeding.”

You have to relearn how to tame these notions and make them valuable elements for your success!

I remind you, time is running out, every minute lost is forever.

Feel the “We are behind the score” effect deep inside you!

The difficulty is there, but it’s up to you to choose your hard.

It’s hard to embrace the path of success, but is it more or less difficult than embracing the path of failure, knowing you could do better?

Instead of running away from risk, we should all “play our lives”, we should adopt the “I have no choice but to succeed” effect!

No right to fail, no plan B.

I know that failure is the best teacher, but one day you have to show you have learned something and move on, instead of remaining an eternal “student”.

Thus, the difficulty, the imbalance, the harshness are the way.

Yes, it is important to sleep and rest; but hey, when you sleep 8 hours a night that’s fine, but you can also, when necessary, hurt yourself and work hard: spending a few sleepless nights of hard work for success seems like a small price.

Because when we rely on our achievements and our facilities, the world continues to turn; it does not stop. We have to stop behaving as if we have infinite time; We don’t.

To encourage our successes, we have to adopt an emergency life style.

Imbalance strengthens. Taking the risk too.

To put oneself in difficulty is to strengthen oneself. In the same way that doing intermittent fasting provides benefits to the body!

So, it is up to you to seek the difficulty consciously and voluntarily!

It’s a bit like sports training! Do you know of any champion who stayed in his comfort zone without losing his title?

You need a shock, to shake up old unproductive ideas and give you the opportunity to become a better you, the one who takes the success he deserves!

So, how much longer, dear reader, are you going to test your own patience?

How long are you going to wait before asking the best of yourself???


I wish you…

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