The Pyramid of Success

Medical active coaching for success

At the beginning, there is a discussion around our art: Medicine. It may seem strange or presumptuous to compare Medicine to an Art, especially nowadays where technology, more and more present in the care, regularly restricts the part of the human (the pratician) in the care.

The conception of medicine as an art and not only as science makes it possible to shed light on the human relations essential to this exercise. It thus appears that the concepts of confidence, support, psychology, coaching are an integral part of the attributions specific to the doctor, beyond pure scientific exercise.

Presence, kindness, listening, understanding needs, empathy, are exclusively human characteristics that the best diagnostic software may never be able to integrate into their algorithms.

Humanism is thus revealed as a fundamental and founding trait of the medical profession which is by mutual agreement, a vocation finding its source deeply buried in the psyche of the therapist. And this same humanism allows you to glimpse how medicine, beyond basic care, can help you achieve your goals.

One of the characteristics of the doctor is the need to help the other, not the duty, not the desire, much less the obligation, but the NEED. The doctor certainly has duties and obligations inherent in his status, but he feeds on what he gives, on what he does to help others. When he succeeds in helping, he fulfills himself within his art, he fulfills himself as a human being.

Success… there is a goal that many run after! Right, isn’t it! Helping you succeed and become who you want to be, is part of the doctor’s responsibilities as a privileged, close interlocutor, and holder of your trust.

The literature of success and achievement is vast and very rich. Hundreds of books dealing with concepts, each more interesting than the next, are available and provide essential information that you absolutely must not do without.

However, our approach differs in that it puts you and your health at the center of a virtuous spiral of successive changes that will invariably lead you to the success you aspire to! Improving your health does not mean treating an average symptom, it means improving the whole: There is not you by one side and your health by the other: it constitutes a whole.

The so-called therapeutic education: “you will do what I say” must give way to a personal awareness, which leads to an awakening for and through health.

The whole must revolve around you, not as general advice, but as strong, targeted, explicit, simple messages on subjects of interest to you, through which you will be led to reflect and become aware of the interest of your health in the process which will lead you to meet the best you, the one who succeeds in everything.

We thus consider health as a weapon, a powerful tool allowing you to improve yourself to achieve your life goals. It is then necessary to integrate health into something global and progressive as part of a whole which consists in allowing you to flourish: Thus, we have thought, built, modeled our pyramid.

The pyramid shows health as a fundamental point and helps motivate decision-making not as an obligation “to be in good health” but as a tool for overall personal development to achieve an initially set goal.

The avoidance of pathology, the resulting well-being are then the collateral consequences, expected of course, but are not the engine of change. Humans are more inclined to indulge in tasks corresponding to their desires with rapid results. He is also likely to set aside what in his opinion (even if it is not the right one) is considered laborious and of which he sees benefits only in the too long term, or worse when he does not consider himself concerned by the given situation.

How do we plan to do everything that we are so fervently talking about? How are you going to climb this pyramid to reach the top and fulfill yourself?

Legitimate questions. Simple answers without suspense: Through education. By work.

Concepts that are dear to us, and which we know are both the engines of change but also the means to operate it. We will give you the weapons to take care of your health to perfect yourself and to become who you really want to be.

Oh yeah, and why are we doing all of this?
Well, we need it, we are humanists, maybe dreamers ones but whatever, we need to be part of something bigger than us.