The obstacle becomes the path – Build an antifragile success mindset

Anxiety, stress, “I’m not enough syndrome”, “impostor syndrome”, doubt, decision paralysis, overthinking, unfinished projects, negative emotions… And the list goes on and on, of what you can feel and what can happen when you start a new business or start a new project! Are you really ready to face all this? Or did you just say “it’ll be fine”, “we’ll see…”? Obstacles are constant in a business: great, you just have to decide to make it a strength and get back up after each fall, even stronger like a hydra. This ability has a name: Antifragile thanks to Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Here I will present three fundamental points to build your perfect mindset.

BREAK MENTAL BLOCKS: Destroy your limits

We create our own boundaries and end up locking ourselves in them permanently! These blockages are of different natures but converge towards the same point: they prevent us from expressing what is best in us. How can you do? Based on your strengths and your intrinsic qualities that you need to know. Fighting your weaknesses is as important as building on your strengths. The Cyclic Reinforcement technique allows you to gradually and continuously increase your self-confidence which is the central element of “the fight against limits”. How does it work? It’s a virtuous circle that you have to repeat all the time: self-congratulation > self-esteem > self-respect > self-love > self-confidence > self-congratulation. The more sure you are of what you are worth, the less you will limit yourself! But be careful not to forget the prowling wolf: the ego!


What do we do with the emotions that overwhelm us? Feeling emotions is normal and above all out of your control. But it is in your power to respond calmly and not overreact. By (over)reacting, you allow emotions to take control over your rationality when it is the latter that should direct your decisions. Trying to control your emotions is completely impossible and counterproductive! Try this RULER: Recognize (identify emotions), Understand (understand their sources), Label (call a spade a spade), Express (express your feeling seek empathy from yourself) Regulate (everything eventually passes, let it go). Get high. This also goes for negative thoughts! Each of them has an exact opposite. Objectively rational criticism of any negative thinking is the key. Be rational and place each negative thought in the worst that could have happened in order to dilute its negative impact on you!


Always be positive. It’s up to you to do the best you can, but it’s not up to you to succeed: it’s out of your control. Take obstacles and difficulties as gifts that will allow you to improve and strengthen yourself. Always see the positive side of things, it is constructive (seeing the negative side does not allow you to move forward and does not make things less difficult). This always positive attitude is only possible by showing acceptance towards the difficulties which arise because they do not arrive against you: They arrive that is all. Accepting them and learning the best possible lessons from them is the most constructive thing you can do. Learn to always develop a “half full glass mindset”. This ability to come out bigger and stronger after every hardship is Antifragility: An incredibly powerful ability. This does not mean that you have to become insensitive, on the contrary, to remain hard and strong continuously is to remain immutable whereas Antifragility requires a more or less continuous dynamic which allows you to evolve and strengthen yourself, to become more strong! Thus is created a mindset that is not unshakable but a mindset that, more than reborn from its own ashes like the Phoenix, reappears even stronger like the Hydra whose section of a head allows the regrowth of two!

The mindset is the most important element in any business growth strategy! It requires your full attention to make it an infallible weapon.

Like a fire you must feed on the obstacles you encounter and use them as fuel to grow, grow stronger and build your own success!


Clarity – Genius Element of Succes

Hey! With my coffee and a water bottle on my right and my feather pen on my left, I’ve just started this beautiful day of Sunday. We are a couple of hours before the last F1 race of the season and I want to finish my work that I have to do for today before. I love to work and

Wake up! Now it’s your time to succeed

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