Save more energy and win years of lifespan using 3 simple ideas (and you can apply it starting from now!)

You maybe know by our daily job of medical doctor it’s not ending when we quit our medical official or the hospital. It’s every single minute job and we are looking always to understand how we can help those around us.

From a couple of days, I’m on a vacation visiting different European countries and I’m seeing how we develop like humans so many times when we face difficulties or special and particular situations.

Nowadays, I see more and more discussions about energy saving and reducing energy consumption. I’m feeling so emotionally affected by these ideas because I believe energy must be one of our essential preoccupations.

I thought about bringing you 3 simple ideas that will help you save more energy (easily) and improve your health by adding years to your life span.

  1. Fix an hour when you want to go to sleep between 21H45 (9.45pm) and 23h15 (11.15pm)

The sleep cycle it’s coupled with the melatonin production and we know very well that respecting this cycle we’ll get a good and quality sleep. By respecting these hours, you’ll:

  • Better concentrate and win energy
  • More productive in your daily work
  • Have a deeper sleep that will prevent mental diseases
  • Do better neuronal connections so more brilliant ideas for you

And, at the same time, will reduce your energy consumption of your home by stopping your lights in your home, stop using your electrical devices late in the night and be sincere, stop your activities during the late evening / night time.

Waking up in the morning and using day light we’ll help A LOT your brain and your neuronal activity. And, of course, using less energy by using the natural light.

2. Eat raw products (aliments, particularly vegetal ones, in the natural state without or using little of fire to cook them)

Aliments, in special vegetal ones, are a perfect option for their fibers and nutritional qualities.

Meat consumption basically it’s indicated a maximum of 2 times per week and fish one at least 3 times per week.

Cooking what are you eating it’s a great way to avoid eating fast-food, to bring your creativity to a next level and sometimes have a great time with your friends. Instead, cooking with healthy products, without using oils or frying, will (a lot) boost your level of health and energy.

So, going back to raw products is it a great way to put in your nutrition more frequently vegetables and fruits. It’s unnecessary to cook it and a low energy consumption (maybe zero?) can be a good point as well.

3. Take your bike (less fuel consumption and burn some calories)

Hey, this is so clear that taking your bike it’s always a great option (when you can do it, of course).

No fuel consumption and burning some extra calories is 2 significant advantages that will encounter by doing that.

Do you know that 30 minutes of walking means 150 calories less, 30 minutes of running means 300 calories less and taking your bike means 400 to 500 calories less?

Little PS: when I say calories, I mean kcalories, of course.

So, now it’s up to you to adopt these so simple techniques to boost your health and save some energy!

Do you have any other suggestions?

Write to us and share a great discussion about the topic!


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