Our approach differs in that it puts you and your health at the center of a virtuous spiral of successive changes that will invariably lead you to the success you aspire to! Improving your health does not mean treating an average symptom, it means improving the whole:

There is not you by one side and your health by the other: it constitutes a whole. 🙂



The Basics of a Happy Body: Asthma – Why this must interest me?! I’m a business person! (Extra easy energy boost)

Pascal: “Hi Doc. I came with my son Kilian today. He’s breathing poorly because of his asthma. I think his treatment is no longer working.” Me:      “Hi Pascal. Hi Kilian, how you’ve grown! How old are you now?” Kilian:  “15 years old, Doc.” Me:      “Oh my God… So what seems to be the problem?” Kilian:  “Well, sometimes I suddenly have trouble breathing and


The Basics of a Happy Body (Extra easy energy boost)

Of the various ailments afflicting us doctors, one compromises our communication immensely, affecting how our patients perceive the information we’re trying to send: The deep conviction that both speakers perceive things the same way. Beginner’s error –you will tell me; yes, of course, except that we are not experts in communication, unfortunately. On the other hand, some patients suffer from