I wish you…

2023… It is already a source of gratitude to see the dawn of a new year. In very theoretical terms, it is a temporal
continuum but this perpetual cycle of renewal, is the moment to reframe our expectations, our objectives, our
challenges both personal and professional!
It’s about rebuilding a strategy to move forward, to (re)model our philosophy of life!
Unfortunately, the beginning of the year is also the time for wishes!!! I think it’s these wishes that are empty of
souls, of consistency and totally removed from reality that tarnish a moment that should be full of meaning for each
of us.
The “compulsive” exchange of “happy new year”, “good health”, “happiness and health” are in fact inappropriate
overflows of concentrates of “very human” utopia. They are not anchored in any reality except the hope that things
will go the way you want.
Nobody is crazy or stupid enough to believe that things will go the way we want, yet each beginning of the year,
billions of utopian messages are exchanged directly or through our technological tools.
Happiness and health are beyond our control. We can do hours of sport and have a healthy diet but that does not
guarantee the result! I won’t even talk about happiness, the very nature of which is both changeable and fleeting.
So wishing for health and happiness is to wish for luck, for chance, for non-concrete, for the utopian.And if for this
year we wish ourselves more concreteness and intellectualization in our wishes! If for once, these weren’t just
stereotypical, bland wishes without consistency, without personalization and therefore with no chance of
fulfillment that we can control!
We are now going to define a list of 51 concrete wishes, applicable today, repeatable, with a powerful impact on
your ability to realize yourself and become the best version of yourself!
They all depend on YOU!

  1. I wish you to wake up one hour earlier and go to bed one hour earlier. Take time for yourself !
  2. I wish you to visualize your main aim every morning to make it stick. Make it obsessional to you !
  3. I wish you to do a morning work out to generate more energy. Energy is the fuel your engine needs !
  4. I wish you to do 5-10 minutes meditation each morning. Meditating is focalizing on your toughts.
  5. I wish you to read at least 10 minutes per day. It will be about 10 books per year !
  6. I wish you to take an protein & fiber breakfast each morning. This increase energy and productivity.
  7. I wish you to deacrease or stop industrialized sugar comsuption. This will increase your energy level.
  8. I wish you to decrease tech compsuption, above all, 1 hour before sleep. Return to essentials.
  9. I wish you to increase water comsuption 1,5 to 2 liters per day. Water is the only liquid needed.
  10. I wish you to learn to do naps when it’s needed. This will maximize your energy level.
  11. I wish you to discover your core values. You are your core values. Learn not to betray yourself.
  12. I wish you to objectively criticize your fears and your stress to decrease it. Call a spade a spade attitude.
  13. I wish you to accept your fears and discover your strenghts. Acceptance is the first step to improvement.
  14. I wish you to have a half full glass mindset and search for positive even if things turn bad. Try to see.
  15. I wish you to stop toxics : alcohol, tobacco, drugs. They block you to be the best version of you !
  16. I wish you to build a good social environement. You evoluate in an ocean of human interractions.
  17. I wish you to learn to listen instead of talk. Listen to learn and learn to listen. Silence is gold.
  18. I wish you to find a mentor, a guide, someone inspiring to help you reachin your goals. Don’t stay alone.
  19. I wish you to invest in you, first. You are central and the principal actor of your movie, your life.
  20. I wish you to experiment good sex. A balance life is important to be accomplished.
  21. I wish you to learn to delegate & stop unproductive multitasking. And kill your ego, others can also do !
  22. I wish you to understand and stop procrastination. Procrastination is anxiety. Deal with it !
  23. I wish you to declutter your mind, your home, your working place. To get more clarity !
  24. I wish you to learn to focus and experiment flow when you’re working. Deep work is essential to success !
  25. I wish you to understand your emotions, manage and regulate them. It’s daily work but you can do it !
  26. I wish you to be self-aware and reinforce your emotionnal intelligence. Consider our interractions !
  27. I wish you to improve your ability for breathing to get more time when needed. Calm down !
  28. I wish you to reinforce self confidence , self-esteem, self-respect, self-love, self congratulations.
  29. I wish you to stop limit yourself ; break your own limits and destroy learned helplessness.
  30. I wish you to develop a cosmic vision of things. In the universe scale we are nothing. So no stress !
  31. I wish you to discover your « why » and create meaning. This is an incredible engine toward success !
  32. I wish you to be grateful for what you have instead of thinking about what you don’t. And don’t complain !
  33. I wish you to learn to forgive and don’t let your past drive your life. Live in the present !
  34. I wish you to learn and apply positive postures. And hack your brain to feel better and better !
  35. I wish you to accept reality instead of struggle with it. This will help you to anchor deeply in reality.
  36. I wish you to develop an empathetic thinking and put yourself in others shoes.
  37. I wish you to understand that everything worthwile in this worl requires work, time, perseverance.
  38. I wish you to understand that obstacle is the way. Learn from your faillures to reache successes !
  39. I wish you to consider fugacity of live and emmergency of become a better you. End is near so let’s go !
  40. I wish you to say NO instead of YES BUT… Essentialism is an incredible tool to accomplish yourself !
  41. I wish you to build an assertive life style. Learn to say and do what you really think !
  42. I wish you to question yourself and experiment interrogative soliloquy to go deeper with introspection.
  43. I wish you to engage with strong commitments and have a strong accountability. Keep goal « alive ».
  44. I wish you to have more clarity in your life and build a framework. It’s easier to accomplish clear goals.
  45. I wish you to discover which kind of person you really are. Deep inside, without hide your face !
  46. I wish you ton consider the 1 is better than 0’s law. And be grate ful for what you have !
  47. I wish you to be free and brave in your life : This only depend on you !
  48. I wish you to have the courage of your convictions. It’s the hard way to reache the better vesrion of you.
  49. I wish you to understand that you are central in your life, faillures and successes depend only on you.
  50. I wish you to understand the mechanisms which lead to hide your face. This will need a strong mindset to
    face your unconcious.
    and the last but not the least,
  51. I wish you to act and do what you find necessary for you, to meet the better version of yourself

I really hope that these 51 wishes will be useful to you and that they will resonate in you as so many motivations to
achieve the best version of yourself.
Finally, I would really like you to take the time for introspection at the start of the year. There is no need to list
resolutions on January 1st. It doesn’t matter the temporality but try to consider yourself as the central piece of the
chessboard of your life. Take a holistic view of things and your reality!
What’s left for you to accomplish, What’s your legacy? Who are you deep down? What’s the difference between you
and who you want to be? Make time for a questioning soliloquy and when you’re done, wish yourself the smallest
action that will make the biggest difference!

From Succes Laboratoty, with Love!


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