How to transform your weight loss battle into an energy and productivity gain in only a couple of months.

Felicia: 42 years old, Alicante, Spain

Felicia looked at her body in the mirror from all possible angles, but she didn’t recognize herself.

Even worse, nothing changed anymore.

Felicia gained 11 Kg from her last pregnancy six years ago. She promised herself to lose the weight, but it seemed like she failed again.

Felicia is a stay-at-home woman with three children and a husband who works night shifts in an outracing company. He works by night and sleeps by day.

Hence Felicia’s work is 24-7, and she doesn’t have time for herself.

Everybody around her finds this situation excellent because she sacrificed for her family.

Felicia felt alone, misunderstood, stressed; she couldn’t sleep, increasing tobacco consumption. She felt overwhelmed. Every day, she prayed for strength to begin anew without ever finishing yesterday’s chores.

Some time ago, she ran after Paulo, her last-born little boy.

After a few minutes, she felt her heart explode because of palpitations.

Her practician did many investigations, and luckily, nothing was found. He just told her that running wasn’t suited for her weight at a BMI of 34.

The doctor said everything would become normal if she lost weight and stopped smoking.

But each time she tried, she gained 4 to 5 kg, and diets didn’t work for her.

She felt trapped. She felt there was no way to change. She felt lost. And more alone than ever. But things would change.


Felicia wondered why. Why couldn’t she lose weight?

  • Because she had no time? Really?
  • Because of lack of motivation? No, she was motivated.

The problem was she didn’t know HOW to do it.

Diets didn’t work because Felicia remained the same, whereas she needed a profound change.

She decided to begin each day with time for herself. Hence, she woke up one hour earlier to exercise and relax to tackle her day’s demanding schedule.

She decided to go to bed one hour earlier to achieve this purpose. So, she slowly changed her routine:

  • She stopped coffee in the evening: her last one was before 3 p.m.
  • She stopped scrolling in her bed: She left her phone in the kitchen every night to charge.

This early hour was magical to her: after 20 minutes of exercise and 20 minutes of relaxation, she took time for research. Thus, Felicia learned how to improve weight loss, meditation, and motivation.

She decided to do every day one helpful deed that also improved her gratitude. This action would be an incredible asset for her mindset.

Felicia also changed her cooking and eating.

She learned about batch-cooking to always have healthy food ready. She needed two hours on the weekends for meal preparation, so she decided to decrease her social media time to do it.

Her sons and sometimes her husband helped her, which was a fantastic opportunity for the family to reconnect.

Felicia lost 7 Kg just by deciding to wake up one hour earlier.

But she was scared to fail and regained weight as she did each time.

So, she decided to see a therapist on Wednesdays when her sons were at home. Seeing him reinforced her motivation, and he helped her stop smoking with hypnosis.

If we had ever told Felicia that she would, she wouldn’t have believed it.

Felicia didn’t stop smoking entirely, but she decreased the number of cigarettes. Even better, Felicia knows that she will stop completely.

Felicia takes pride in her successes and now aims to resume her job in sales or find other work in this area. She has already found time to do an online marketing course.

Where will Felicia end up? Wherever she wants–Felicia now knows she can do it.


Felicia tried first to feel better and improve her wellbeing. Thus, she had to change many parts of her daily routine by taking conscious control of the situation.

Better sleep

  • Stop coffee in the evening
  • Decrease time on social media
  • No scrolling in bed
  • Wellbeing

Daily exercises

  • Better sleep
  • Wellbeing
  • Anti-stress
  • Weight loss

Weight loss

  • Well being
  • Daily exercises
  • Batch-cooking
  • Self-confidence


  • Better Sleep
  • Well being
  • Self-confidence



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