Our approach differs in that it puts you and your health at the center of a virtuous spiral of successive changes that will invariably lead you to the success you aspire to! Improving your health does not mean treating an average symptom, it means improving the whole:

There is not you by one side and your health by the other: it constitutes a whole. 🙂


Weight Loss Mental Strategies for already champions like you.

I ask myself about the future subject of my new article, and I can’t decide what I will talk about. No idea? Not really! Too many issues are so important … The surrounding calm contrasts with my internal turmoil in my room, with cream-colored walls adorned with a geometric frieze. I end up meeting the gaze of my reflection in

I can’t stop smoking. OK! But what about my energy?

It’s 6. 09 AM 24th December 2021; I’m in my office. In fact, it’s just a place I have created in the living room because my daughters annexed my actual office to make it an artistic creation space. This situation was supposed to be only for two days, and two months later… The room is full of a relative silence

Life with a baby. How to manage and balance your time and productivity.

It is 8:04 AM when Max finishes his hot coffee as he likes it; on the terrace of his favorite Pub, the sun is starting to heat this June morning’s atmosphere. He has a few visible dark circles, and his shave is more than approximate. Max remains motionless with the distant gaze, the brow furrowed as he is challenged by