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What awaits you inside:

Understanding habits

Explore the basics of habit formation without delving into jargon.

Cultivating Positive Change

Unlock practical strategies to develop positive habits aligned with your goals.

Overcoming Challenges

Navigate common obstacles in breaking free from negative habits.

Streamlining Success

Master the concept of habit stacking to effortlessly integrate positive behaviors.

Sustaining Progress

Overcome setbacks, ensuring your progress is sustainable.

Reasons this e-Book will help you more than you believe
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Holistic Insights:

Gain a broad understanding of habit formation without unnecessary complexity.

Actionable Guidance:

Implement practical steps immediately, without the need for a deep dive into theory.

Tailored for You:

Recognizing individuality, the e-book guides you in creating a personalized plan that suits your unique lifestyle and aspirations.

We are Florin Conghilete and Florin van Yombeth

We are both MDs, and Chameleon Habit Tracker is an acute synthesis of current knowledge in psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and behavioral sciences. We have studied it, thought it out, and adjusted it based on our experience of over 10 years.

Therefore, we invite you to invest in yourself and embark on this journey of bettering yourself.

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