Get the most out of your business … by having more clarity

As a young entrepreneur, freelancer, business manager, everything must be clear in your mind so that you can get the most out of your business but also so that you can keep a guideline, a framework, which will allow you to optimize your work! Too often overthinking and doubt creep into your mind, too often you end up doubting the very essence of what you are doing, why you are doing it! It’s normal, and it shows that you’re always thinking things through, but as you now know, decision paralysis will eventually hold you back: So it’s up to you to create the foundations for your future success by providing a clear vision of the end to which you aspire. I will develop here three central elements for maximum clarity.

CORE VALUES: What kind of person are you?

It’s philosophical but: do you know yourself? It’s not about dissertation but about clarifying the type of person you are and identifying your core values: Those central, fundamental values that define you! The interest of knowing them is to link your objectives to these values to bring clarity but also to keep it accountable (yes again this concept)! You should always keep a goal in sight that doesn’t betray who you want to be. Knowing your values seems easy but as soon as you define them you encounter hard choices. There are different ways to list your own values; At Success laboratory, we have an exercise that allows you to identify with your core values while giving up several others: It’s difficult, but putting off this work won’t make it any less difficult!

CREATE MEANING: Find and understand your “Why”

Why do you do that? Yes you create income, it’s profitable, you love what you do…it’s easy, but there are definitely other things that qualify that you didn’t choose! So deep down, why are you doing this? It is sometimes difficult to answer these types of questions BUT the answer brings maximum clarity, a framework, and a will beyond the simple motivation because you have created “meaning”! You link your project, your business, your goal to your core values and to something bigger than you! You become part of a whole that flushes on meaning and brings you strength and the assurance of success! So believe me, it is important to understand your “WHY”: everything will be clearer, simpler in your decision making and problem solving: no more doubts, no more hesitation, no more decision paralysis.

MEDITATION: Reconnect to the essential

Serenity, equanimity, inner calm result from the two previous points (core values and meaning) and can be the triggers. Meditation provides the perfect setting to rest your mind and look inside yourself! This introspection is constructive and helps to clarify gray areas! This is necessary to create meaning and connect your goals to your core values. Once this is done, you naturally become less tumultuous and equanimity intensifies bringing you quiet strength. Meditation is an incredibly effective weapon for finding your space of inner freedom conducive to self-centered reflection. Like all practices, it is about routine and habits. Start very tiny: 1 minute a day, then grow!

Having clarity is essential to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. It’s a fundamental point that brings more framework, more conviction in what you do. Questions that sound existential or philosophical have a reputation for being boring; more often than not it is that one is afraid of the answers or is it a form of intellectual laziness? The answer doesn’t matter, what’s important is knowing that it’s necessary in order for you to build your own success!


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