At some point, your business will need to be monetized! That’s why you do it and it’s normal to benefit from what you’ve worked hard on. BUT it is not always easy to pass this course, to know what value to give to one’s own work. To be optimal, create the right connections with the surroundings people who will be both aim critics and helpers to go further and overcome your fears. This article highlights 5 effective points to address this issue. If they seem strange and unusual to you, it is because they are the first elements of a cascade of personal changes that will lead you to the goal: You need a big picture.

EMPATHETIC LISTENING : Build the perfect networking

The temptation is great to want to build your success on your own, with no one. More often than not, this is the translation of the ego you haven’t yet been able to silence: We’ll teach you! But you navigate in an ocean of human interactions that it is up to you to turn to your advantage. Active and empathetic listening allows you to create strong bonds with those around you by listening to understand instead of listening to simply respond. There are different characteristic elements but the most useful are the mirror and the labeling! The repetition of the words, gestures of your interlocutor and the fact that you can express their feelings, create a strong bond of trust and allow you to build a perfect networking.

SELF-AWARNESS : The consciousness of doing, being, feeling

This can be summed up as “always looking at you, doing, thinking, acting, feeling…” from the outside and being with yourself, the toughest of judges. Constructive self-criticism is only possible by having an acute awareness of things and your interactions with those around you. This awareness will allow you to take the time and the distance so as not to overreact. Ordinary people react, you must be able to interact by integrating the information, its present and future impacts, the benefits you can derive from it, etc. It takes practice and different skills! But the good news is that self-awareness is the first step!

TAKE RISKS : No Pain No Gain

By dint of avoiding taking risks, you risk not gaining anything and missing out on the opportunities that the business offers you. This point is closely related to the next one: overthinking. The risk will always exist and it’s good. Risk, chaos, chance, are formidable accelerators of the process, we must not be afraid of them and even less try to control them: it is only an illusion! Considering things with detachment and with the urgency of the hourglass of time that is running out must put you in a condition to always try to grasp what, at first on board, may seem random! In business, it is better to make mistakes from which you learn, than hesitations that do not help you and weaken you.

INTELLIGENCE TRAP : Stop overthinking and act

In France we say: “le mieux est l’ennemi du bien” (best is the enemy of the good). It is obvious that thinking and planning are important and absolutely necessary steps to achieve your goals BUT overthinking generates decision paralysis that must be recognized. These repeated questions, these cognitive fractals are not constructive. To know when, how and on what to act, define core values, connect them to your aims and create meaning (read the article on clarity). At that point, you’ll know deep down what to do!

FINANCIAL EDUCATION : Grow your profits

Long life learner should be a motto. Financial education is becoming more and more important in our societies and it is important for you to know how to invest. Create and maintain a reinvestment dynamic and not be afraid to invest in innovative areas while securing part of your assets in slightly safer stocks. Property, stocks, ETFs, bonds, cryptocurrencies: there are different sources of profit worth exploring. Get interested, educate yourself!

To get the most out of your business, you must therefore become a master in terms of human interaction, to be aware of what you represent, to know how to take risks, to act and to always think bigger to build your own success!


I wish you…

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