ENGAGE IN MORE PRODUCTIVITY – 5 easy Tips to fastly increase your productivity from today

When you start a business or a new freelance activity, you need to be at the maximum of your possibilities. Massive productivity and optimization of your time are necessary. The field of discussion is wide and there are techniques you can customize and adapt. In this article, I discuss in five points, five actions that will be quickly effective and that you can put into practice today!

FOCUS: the lens skill

Like a lens, you must be able to focus on a subject thoroughly and you will push to the extreme until you finish. Multitasking is admit weakness or worse a way to hide your face. It gives you the false impression of doing a lot of things but in terms of results; it is not very productive. To experience optimal productivity, go through the focus towards deep work and reach the state of flow. To do this, you will need to set up routines that facilitate this state where your efficiency is increased.

FRAMEWORK: 90 / 90 / 1 rule

The setting is of paramount importance. As human, you will definitely stray from the path you have set for yourself! Having a clear aim in mind, possibly deadlines, and a clear framework, are elements that will facilitate your productivity. A clear framework implies objectives linked to your core values (we will come back to this). The 90/90/1 rule involves working the first 90 minutes of your day for 90 days on 1 project (whichever one you think is the best opportunity in your life). This gives both a framework and a deadline. If that sounds too hard to you, start with 30 or 45 minutes, but give yourself a frame.

POMODORO TECHNIQUE:  Avoid Self Work Interruptions

The technique is known and very widespread, often summarized as 25 minutes of work–5 minutes of rest and after 4 cycles, a longer break of 20-25 minutes. To reap all the benefits (many), we should understand that this technique is based on the avoidance of self-work interruptions (going to the toilet, daydreams, another idea). It is a technique to go further in focus. Besides the lens, you will have a timer so you know what to do and for how long. Knowing that you will have a break soon keeps you focused in the moment’s urgency to maximize your productivity.

DECLUTTER THE WORKING PLACE: Taking Advantage of the Terrain

The working place is the sanctuary in which you express yourself and which allows you to accomplish your goals. A disorganized work environment does not allow you an optimal focus because there are too many elements on which your attention can be focused. In addition, a busy environment is a source of stress that reduces your productivity (Harvard Business School study). Take the time, every day, to tidy up for about 5-10 minutes and remove what isn’t useful or finds inspiration. You will feel better and you will be more efficient. One last thing: also consider decluttering your computer desk…

DECLUTTER YOUR MIND: the power of breathing

Our thinking species status also has negative sides when negative thoughts invade you and prevent you from giving your best. It is counterproductive to want to control your thoughts; it is impossible and even more frustrating. Instead, you can regulate and reframe your thoughts and feelings by seeking to always be positive. Abdominal breathing sessions of 3-4 cycles can encourage this “half full glass thinking” when the situation is tense. There are also breathing routines to perform in the morning or evening according to your desires. The regulation of thoughts and therefore emotions is essential for optimal productivity.

Productivity is an essential element for achieving your personal or professional goals: There are hundreds of books on this subject with well-defined strategies. Here we have concentrated the 5 points with the result / feasibility ratio, the most satisfactory. As always, the most important point is up to you: the practice to build your own success!


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