Change any habit
in 66 days

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Do you want to

Quit smoking for good?

Quit a bad habit?

Implement any good habit

Start saving money

Melt away those extra pounds of fat forever

Well, then you are honestly in the right place (at the right time), thanks to luck or destiny (or to your friend who sent you here).


Because we believe that this product we created for you can help you change any bad habit, stop many destructive addictions, and implement any good habit (and making it a part of yourself, so you do not have to “force yourself” to do it, or “use your will power” all the time).?

And we believe that you can achieve all this in just 66 days!?

Think about it… 66 days from today you are no longer a smoker anymore, after so so many years…?

Besides that, after those 66 days, not only that you are not a smoker anymore, but you’re not a slave to those temptations no more. You will no longer have to “battle” with those thoughts and desires multiple times a day, every single day. No! Now they are gone, and gone for good!?

Think about how this would feel…



Now think about how much this would be worth to you.

You’d honestly, probably be willing to pay thousands or tens of thousands of $$$ to get rid of that annoying habit that is like a disgusting leech that got stuck to your body and soul…

The same goes for melting that stupid fat away. Those extra pounds that make you suffer in the heat because you feel like you cannot have uncovered parts of your body in the summer when are 100 degrees outside, because people will judge you (and you “have” to wear black, because black “slims you down” they say…).


Look, we know you’ve heard plenty of people promising you “The Promise Land” (if you’d only spend hundereds of dollars, or thousands of dollars on their books, courses, and programs), just to fall short on that promise.

We know that maybe you are discouraged, and in disbelief, thinking that everyone is here to just take your money and take advantage of you.

The truth is, there are many people like that over here on the internet, we cannot deny that (actually, we got burned ourselves in the past by these people). However, the difference between us and them… actually, let us tell you who this “we” actually is…

We are Florin Conghilete and Florin van Yombeth

We are both MDs, and Chameleon Habit Tracker is an acute synthesis of current knowledge in psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and behavioral sciences. We have studied it, thought it out, and adjusted it based on our experience of over 10 years.

Why we created the CHT?

We are both financially stable individuals and we are not looking to get rich by ripping you off of $30, believe it or not.

The reason we created this product is because we were both thinking for a long time now of ways to impact more people, people who are outside of our physical medical office.

That is why we poured our hearts and souls into this product, taking us over a year to complete it and having over a dozen people helping us with it.

You may now ask “well, if you are not here to make money, then why didn’t you make it free?”

The 1st reason this product is not free is because the cost of producing it is almost as much as its sales price.

The 2nd reason, as mentioned before, we have over a dozen people (experts in different fields) who believed in this product and offered to work for us, that we will eventually need to reward in the future for their efforts.

The 3rd reason has to do with you. Yes, you read that correctly!

We wanted this product to be very accessible to everybody, but we did not want it to be free. Why?

There is a psychological tendency (yes, we’re both psychology nerds. Sorry) that has been observed and studied over the years (also reffered to as the “sunk cost fallacy”), which indicates that if you are going to pay something for something (even if you’re just paying $30), you would be much, much more likely to use that thing or take the necessary actions to succeed.

Don’t believe this?

Read the classic study related to this topic - “Concorde Fallacy”, conducted by Arkes and Blumer in 1985.

Why isn’t there a digital version of it, you ask now?

(You have a lot of questions, by the way. But that’s ok. That’s why we’re here.)

It’s so so simple: because we want to make you aware of the “noise” in our lives created by electronics. We are in love with all technologies and we love to use it. But at specific times. By blocking time for these. Not to be invaded by.

If you’re like most people, you are likely to fall down a social media rabbit hole any time you simply touch your smartphone to check a notification, call, or text somebody.

We thought that another application would quickly be forgotten on your smartphone 3 days after using it. And even if you want to use it to fill up your habit tracker, you’ll drop other and other “things to do” on your smartphone. This activity that should take no more than 3 minutes will suddenly take a lot more time just because of these other “temptations”.

We also chose to make this habit tracker in a paper format because it makes you aware of it existence on your desk. It’s there, right in front of you. The value you’ll derive from scribing your thoughts in a journal (an amazing tool to establish good habits) can only be achieved by putting a pen to paper.

Just you and your thoughts. No other distractions.




Honestly, we want you to succeed so much, and we truly believe we can help you succeed with Chameleon Habit Tracker, that if you truly try, and do not succeed in the 5 attempts you will find inside it, you can ask for a refund (send us the tracker back - as you filled it in), and we will refund you the money.

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