15 Safe habits to boost your daily super productivity

From health to boosted productivity

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Gauging success in your projects in terms of personal accomplishment may seem illogical, but it characterizes the person you are deep down inside. Each human being has aspirations, though different, of course.

Each one seeks, in their way, the success and the completion of what they think they’re predestined for.

Success is a long road paved with will and self-sacrifice. Still, you have to go in the right direction, give yourself the best means to get there, and enjoy it for as long as possible.

This e-book presents daily habits in real-time, synthetically and chronologically. These actions significantly improve your productivity, increasing your competence and well-being.

Their fundamental basis is your health’s improvement. Health is a central element of your success and your accomplishments’ construction over time. And We know what we are talking about!

This e-book is a daily planner of healthy habits to boost your productivity. It’s a repository that will allow you to acquire healthy and valuable habits to achieve what you want.

It’s also insurance for the future:

It would be highly unfair not to take full advantage of what so much effort has built. We have thought up an atypically unique format where health (We are professionals) is never sacrificed on the altar of success.

On the contrary, it is even the cornerstone of the entire process. We didn’t invent the wheel; the concept we took up is as old as the world:

Mens sana in corpore sano (a healthy mind in a healthy body).

You may still think this e-book teems of impossible ideals, published by deceiving advertisers who want to sell their subscriptions with beautiful, catchy phrases.

There are many scam artists on the market. You will need a critical mind to build yourself as you want to be.

Our approach is, above all, the logical continuation of our commitment as sworn doctors: Primum Non-Nocere: First, do no harm. Ever.

The two of us have more than 25 years of cumulated experience in general medicine, micronutrition, and aeronautical medicine. However, we too have doubts, we too have had failures, we too have been wrong (many times…)!

But we continued to move forward, and this e-book is the culmination of what we believe in:  

Being able to do more and more to help others.

We do not pretend this e-book will propel you on the zenith of your success. Still, we promise it will help you avoid the little daily pitfalls that lock you into perceived failure, missed chances, imposter syndrome, weakness, and above all, the feeling of living life in the conditional tense.

Could have, would have, should have.

We know that this e-book will offer you the necessary skills to move forward on your path and lead you to your own success. We interact every day at our clinic with innumerable patients who, nevertheless, remain human beings moved by diverse and multiple aspirations.

Therefore, it will adapt to your way of being and living to accompany you towards “Your success”. Like many things, your successes are yours alone.

Reading this e-book entails several benefits.

First of all, we thought it out, rethought it, reflected on it, and improved it several times by continually seeking the most impactful scientific truth possible. We sought reproducibility and, above all, simplicity: there is nothing impossible to do in these 15 habits, really.

Then, we wanted this e-book to be accessible and easy to understand.

A large part of our daily work as doctors is explaining science in layman terms. We have infused this e-book with clarity and made it as straightforward as possible. Each of the 15 points is approached on an identical reading frame to facilitate understanding and integration into your daily life.

In addition, we wanted this e-book to be free and quickly accessible.

The heavy workload that we support lengthens the appointment times; they are, on average, 22 days. Our e-book is downloadable online and free.

Finally, this e-book expresses our commitment as doctors deeply involved in education and prevention, two central pillars of our existence as health professionals. We firmly believe that preventive medicine is the pinnacle of health, which is, in turn, fundamental to your future success.

Our e-book is solely the means by which we invite you to grow into the best version of you


as a unique being.

15 Safe habits to boost your daily super productivity

From health to boosted productivity